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Egypt is the country of the Pharaohs, the cradle of civilization and the gift of the Nile. This great country is one of the most preferred destinations in the whole world, not only for its unique sights and beautiful weather, but also forits friendly and hospitable people. The history of Egypt began in 3000 BC. Throughout the different periods, great kings of the Egyptian empire left their traces. Tombs, temples, pyramids, Sphinxes, numerous statues and thousands of churches and mosques are the best witness of the glory and progress of the Egyptian civilization. These unique monuments, the pleasant weather and the friendly people attractsmillions of visitors who are eager to discoverthis very interesting destination. Therefore, tourism is now one of the major sources of income in Egypt. Egypt offers its visitors numerous and varied travel opportunities. You can enjoy a relaxing Nile cruise and visit, at the same time, the ancient temples and tombs of the Pharaohs. Come and visit Giza and Cairo where you will enjoy visiting the pyramids, the Sphinx, the mosques and the churches. In the Sinai Peninsula, you can discover the traces of the Holy Family and the Mount Sinai. By the Red Sea, you can rest and relax under the blue and sunny sky. Visiting Egypt is not simply an important journey, it is a must!! Egypt, the country of civilization, welcomes you all!!  



Ancient Egyptians called Egypt “KEMET”, which means the black land to refer to the fertile Nile Valley.

“Egypt” in English, “Ägypten” in German and “Égypte” in French are all derived from the Greek word ÖGYPTUS.

In 641 AC, Muslim Arab armies conquered Egypt and called it“MISR”, which means “country” in Classical Arabic. This is Egypt’s name in Arabic till this day.


The Egyptian dialect is the language spoken in Egypt. Since the Islamic 642 AC, all official documents are written in standard Classical Arabic. Other dialects are spoken in different parts of Egypt, like the Siwa dialect spoken in Siwa Oasis and the Nubian dialect spoken in southern Egypt (Aswan, KomOmbo and Abu Simbel).

Foreign languages in Egypt: The first foreign language taught in Egypt’s schools is English followed by French, then German.
  Religion: Islam is the state religion. Approximately 90% of Egyptians are Muslims. The Islamic Sharia is the main source of legislation. Approximately 10% of Egyptians are Copts (Christians).
  The great cities of Egypt: 
With 17 million inhabitants, Cairo is not only the largest city in Egypt, but also the largest of the entire African continent. Alexandria has 5 million inhabitants, making it the second largest city in the country. The largest port in Egypt is in Alexandria.
Other large cities include Assiut, Minia, Port Said,Ismaillia and Mahla El Kobra.
Egypt has a population of approximate 90 million inhabitants (April 2015).The Egyptian population increases annually by 1.3 million inhabitants…

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